Southern Kentucky Jobs is an advocate for sustainable economic growth in Southern Kentucky. Whether you are a small business looking for extra help or a global corporation seeking to fill hundreds of skilled labor positions, SOKY Jobs has the creative edge you need to acquire the best talent.

“We are currently in the midst of a highly competitive jobs market,” said Christina Dawson, founder of SOKY Jobs, LLC. “Companies are struggling to find the talent needed to sustain and grow their business. I understand the current workforce climate because I’ve observed it closely throughout my career from many different aspects: as a job seeker, as an employer, through the perspective of educational institutions and the public workforce system, as well as my experience in economic development.”

SOKY Jobs is an online job search engine created to advertise open positions in Southern Kentucky. Through the power of cutting edge marketing, we boast a creative flair which gives SOKY Jobs a significant advantage over large national corporate job sites.

“Ive been working directly with job seekers for the last five years. I was constantly asked the same question, ‘Where is the best place to search for jobs?’ Christina said. “I continually found myself unable to provide an answer, until now.”

SOKY Jobs is the premier location to post and search for jobs in Southern Kentucky.

“The only way to propel ourselves through this extremely competitive workforce climate is to work together,” Christina said. “If we synchronize our efforts, we can make a much larger impact.”

To find out more, visit sokyjobs.com or contact Christina Dawson at info@sokyjobs.com.